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      June 23, 2005

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      Hiya Guys,

      We are once again holding industry seminars here in NYC. The next one is this Tuesday June 28th, and will be held at Tekserve on west 23rd street. (these seminars are free, but registration is required!)

      Come show your work and see demonstrations of Alias Motionbuilder, the Syflex Cloth plugin for Maya/SoftImage/Houdini, and the tutorials from the new Maya|Multi-Pass Rendering MediaBook.

      We'll be raffling off copies of Silo and the Maya|Mult-Pass MediaBook.

      For more information and free registration:


      Hope to see you there!

      [Edited on 23/6/2005 by Sunstar]

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      June 23, 2005

      # 2
      Good news... but there is always this problem, we are from many countries, most of us are from Latin America, and is kind?a difficult to travel to NYC (wish could get there more often )

      Is there any chance that you could do some online courses? and if possible, with some "certification"?

      As you can see, there are alot of people down here doing real good stuff, and for many of us is so important to learn new ways, better ways from the masters


    3. June 23, 2005

      # 3

      3DNY has members in over 50 countries, and so we have been asked this question many times. It's why we re-focused our 3DNY.ORG site to provide more long-form tutorials and to allow commenting/discussion. It is also why we require our (3DNY.COM) authors to write for the .ORG site. 3DNY, like New York, is an international community. I certainly wish our meetings could be more international! We will include as much content as possible from our meetings and seminars online for download.

      Requests from our international members are actually what spurred us on to found 3DNY.COM which offers "MediaBooks". These are as close as you can get to a full seminar on DVD. (To use the Maya|Multi-Pass Rendering title as an example, it contains over 3 hours of video (tightly authored, not a video of someone fiddling with the computer), an additional 100-150 pages of advanced texts, over 1GB of project files, and it's all searchable. The video also offers English closed captioning which many of our international customers love as it's easier to read English than to worry about deceiphering accents.)

      We also offer free/discounted MediaBooks for those that write for 3DNY (.org or .com), substantial student discounts, and event related discounts (ours, Siggraph, etc).

      BTW, we have a great new article coming to the org site soon that talks about top 3D Shops in NYC and how this region is becoming another international hub for our industry. Look for it soon.

      The NYC creative market relies heavily on international talent to add cultural influence to the art and commercial work.

    4. June 23, 2005

      # 4
      COOL!!!, GOOD!!!

      But, do you sell burgers too?

      JAJAJAJA, just kidding, I?m amused of all the work you do. Count me in.

    5. June 23, 2005

      # 5
      *laughs* We thought about selling the 3DNYBurger(tm), but decided it would be hard to ship internationally. So we're sticking with 3D education and seminars. Want fries with that?

    6. July 23, 2005

      # 6
      Hey- just thought you'd like to know that the article is up now. http://3dny.org/?p=31

      It covers all the major studios that are in the NY/Northeast area of the United States (many of whom do international business)

      Also, we're running a Siggraph special on the Maya|Multipass Rendering MediaBook, check it out. It's $49.00, very affordable.

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