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      August 1, 2005

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      I am working on a plug-in node that generates mesh data.

      meshFn.create( numvx, nump, avx, pc, pconn, outMeshData, &stat );

      Then attach some UV info.

      meshFn.setUVs( ua, va ); meshFn.assignUVs( polygoncounts, uvids );

      That works fine to create the default UVset "map1". But when i use the code:

      meshFn.setUVs( ua, va, &MString("foo") ); meshFn.assignUVs( polygoncounts, uvids, &MString("foo") );

      No UVset created. Seems it failed to create any UVset named other than "map1".

      The problem is how to create multiple UVsets in data mesh. I have searched this topic online, but got no luck. Any advice will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.


    2. breton's Avatar

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      August 1, 2005

      # 2

      Maybe it helps... i'm not sure.

      *check the second tip.

    3. August 2, 2005

      # 3
      Thanks for your help. Stilling trying to find a solution.

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