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      Hey all... things are really picking up around here! Cool stuff.
      I have been working on my concept sketches...
      The scene is a couple of adventurers stumble across what they think is an abandoned cave on a hill side... but they are ambushed by the local resident... a young and angry Wyvern. The scene has the Wyvern attacking in a dive and one of the adventurers has been caught off guard and has fallen prone... scrambling backwards... arms feebly attempting to ward off the attack. The second adventurer has turned around in surprise at the attack and involuntarily flattens himself against the wall just inside the entrance to the Wyvern's lair...

      Anyway, thats the idea.. hehe. So, I've got a lot of work done on the concepts... the background and such for the scene layout. The Wyvern concept attached is a rough of the beastie himself... to be finished for the final concept layout. Modeling will begin very soon.

      Cheers all!


      [Edited on 16/8/05 by Prophet666]

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