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    1. Siege's Avatar

      United States

      Siege is on a distinguished road

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      Aug 2005



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      August 17, 2005

      # 1
      working on concept for the D&D contest...want maybe 3 guys sitting around the table in the dark...all kinda dorky...playing...on the table is junkfood...dice and stuff....and in middle of table is the actual scene of what they are doing...want it to be a dragon in a dungeon with the guys character defending...characters are focal...players are mostly in the dark...lit up by torch lights

      Anywayz...sumthin like that...


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      [Edited on 2/10/05 by Siege]

    2. squidsoup's Avatar

      New Zealand

      squidsoup is on a distinguished road

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      Aug 2004



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      August 17, 2005

      # 2
      Great idea! heheh

    3. August 18, 2005

      # 3
      Before I got too tired i wanted to ruff out the scene...can't ya just picture it!!

    4. August 24, 2005

      # 4
      Friday Night

      Here we go...sat down and sketched this...Gave me more of an idea how to start this.
      Got a dragon protecting a tower from these three approaching warily. Surrounding them is reality...a DM and 2 players enjoying a little gaming on Friday Night.

      Perspective will change...hell everything will probably change.

      [Edited on 24/8/05 by Siege]

    5. August 25, 2005

      # 5
      Dragon as of now...think i am getting there...

    6. August 25, 2005

      # 6
      Early render just for fun...

      Boy, I got a lot to learn...gonna be great to learn all this extra stuff. Gonna have to crash course everything.

    7. August 27, 2005

      # 7
      Simple test to see what changes I will have to do to the layout.

    8. August 28, 2005

      # 8
      Started on my elf. Had too much fun with zbrush...don't need this detail...but couldn't stop.

    9. September 7, 2005

      # 9
      Starting a revision of the keep.

    10. September 7, 2005

      # 10
      Closeup of Door

    11. September 8, 2005

      # 11
      Making a StoneDragon that sits at the bottom of the stairs. Will be one on either side. In the mouth I believe I want a torch light, or maybe something magic based to serve as a light.

      Started the dragon with Zspheres...

      Manipulated the mesh

      Tried out the displacement method for 3DMax...didn't quite work out. But the results were in the right direction.

      Close to the view that should be in final.

    12. September 11, 2005

      # 12
      Well, can't seem to figure out the displacement probs with Zbrush and Max...keep getting wierd deformations.

      And during the export from Max I run into crazy geometry. But with one I got this mask looking item and I just went with it. Came up with this...

      Not sure if I will use it. But as for all the plans I had to work on this contest kinda got lost in import/export probs, figured I should post something.

      Hoping to get into the three characters that take the foreground. Then redo the Dragon to be more dramatic.

      Lots of fun. Learning a little as I go. Not as much as I would like.

    13. September 14, 2005

      # 13
      Ok...here is the beginning of the Dragon Revision. Definitely like how this one is turning out.

    14. September 14, 2005

      # 14
      Made some quick horn additions...

    15. tzktime's Avatar


      tzktime is on a distinguished road

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      Sep 2005



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      September 19, 2005

      # 15
      Nice dragon and i like your statue, how long did it took u to make it in zbrush?

    16. September 19, 2005

      # 16
      Currently moving to another place. So this weekend and next weekend are probably shot for me...and waiting for my internet to be hook up at the new place...what a waste of time...

      Thanks for the comments tzktime. As for the length on the statue and the dragon...that is the great thing about ZBrush. Statue took about one hour. The Dragon I spent about 2 hours...and I am just beginning with the application. The program is a complete blast to use and it allows you to completely rough out various versions of a model in no time.

    17. helell's Avatar


      helell is on a distinguished road

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      Dec 2003



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      September 20, 2005

      # 17
      Hopefully you will find time for the completion of your dragon as the head is comming along nicely. Good luck with your move.


    18. September 20, 2005

      # 18
      Thanks Helell...Love the pic of your Black Dragon! And my move is halfway done...got the important part moved and hooked up, My Computer! And now Internet also! Hooray!

      While offline I roughed out a cloak that the wizard on top of the tower will be wearing. Tried to fake a look like there was someone in it...need to work the wrinkles more...but maybe not...might be too small in final(closing eyes and praying that I finish) to notice.

      Started by creating a cylinder and extruding the top and bottom to look somewhat close to the shape.

      In Zbrush I started moving vertices around to get a closer shape.

      Then started divding and moving mesh around more.

      Then go into the mesh with INFLATE and MOVE mostly to get some folds in.

      Next will be more refinement and then exporting with displacement maps into Max. This part I am having lots of problems. Can't seem to get it to look like the ZBrush mesh. But it is all learning.

    19. September 21, 2005

      # 19
      The worst part is always the re-cabeling of the computer for me, as there is usually something lost or missing. The fact that your up and running already modelling sounds like good planning on your behalf. Good luck.

    20. October 2, 2005

      # 20
      Wow...I lost a lot of time...My moving into a new place combined with a weekend away cost me way too much time. Now I've gotten sick...not a fun way to model. Ugh...

      Hard to get back into the swing of things...and clock ticks on.

      But these are things I tried to do...

      Roughed in a body and wings...tried texturing with a mouse...wish I had a pen for my tablet. But my little tike decided to play hide and seek with it.

      And here is the warriors head. I have gotten a better feel for Zbrush. Still a lot I don't understand, but fun nonetheless.

      2 weeks to go. If I can motivate myself, maybe I will continue...if not, I will break off of this and just watch the magic that others create. Hoping the ones that I like win.

      Good luck to all with the deadline.

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