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    1. 3d187's Avatar


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      August 23, 2005

      # 1
      closeup shot of Interior scene. Hope you people will like it. C&C are most welcome.
      Good day every One !!

      WireFrame SShot & Tests:

        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	N3_Final_DF.jpg
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    2. August 24, 2005

      # 2
      From Distant angle:

    3. tavofunk's Avatar



      Adobe Photoshop

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      August 28, 2005

      # 3
      hey great work, i like the spontaneity given by those random objects on the floor... two crits: vanishing points are too close from each other creating a dramatic perspective suitable only for outdoor, large scale buildings. Maybe the perspective was stretched to fit the whole space into a single scene but perhaps a more narrow zoom lens could achieve a more natural look. Also, the light reflecting from outside seems too strong IMO. Great work overall.

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