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    1. September 5, 2005

      # 22
      thx yea zbrush is cool but i thing good modeling is also very important
      you see only my char ist zbrushed the rest ist oldschool modeling
      sorry i have no cool links 4 you but learning by doing is most effective i think

      yea i try to texturing with zbrush but i have some problems with not in zbrush created uvSets soo at the moment i make my texturing work with 2D...
      yes the character...
      this will be very hard because it is really the first time that i make texturing work...
      so i hope the results are ok...
      we will see...

      some more tests...
      i think at first i wanne make the bumps and some highlights...
      at the end i will change some colors...


      [Edited on 5/9/2005 by gabriel]

      [Edited on 5/9/2005 by gabriel]

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