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    1. August 30, 2005

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      Already some great images from a lot of people! I just had to jump in with both feet.

      My image is called Gift of the Wyrmslayer. The sketch depicts the battle where Tanis Half-Elven(the guy about to be a midnight snack) and his companions fighting a giant slug within the kingdom of the Sla Mori, and ancient Elven nation. Tanis gets his bow disintigrated by the slug and falls back at the foot of the throne where the dead Elven king is sitting. Tanis somehow gets his hands on the dead Elven king's sword and skewers it through the head. After the battle, Tanis recalls to his companions that he didn't actually take the sword from the king, but it was handed to him by the dead king. The sword turns out later to be the great magical sword Wyrmslayer. The sketch is the moment where the king gives Tanis the gift. The rest of the companions pictured are Sturm the knight, Flint the Dwarf, and Raistlin the mage. There were others present, but for the sake of time and my sanity, I am limiting the number of figures. I think it still makes for a good scene. I am not sold yet on the composition so figure placement and camera angle will most likely change.

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