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    1. Mainframe123's Avatar




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      Jun 2004



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      October 11, 2005

      # 1

      last times i tried to creat a kind of spider with four legs and two arms out of the head.
      I build a system to recover normal maps in maya mental ray, without any plugins.
      I build this model first in blender...then importet in maya for uv projektion and then i made detail in zbrush2

      ....in zbrush i build the normal maps...without tanget normals..a simple normal map

      At my workprocess i tried different methods for normal mapping and i think i found the right solution.

      Its quiet simple, you have to load youre file in hypershade and connect every color channel to three bump nodes...then you have to connect the bump nodes to two multiply nodes without calcultion.......then connect to normal camera.....and ready is the normal map renderingshader.

      I hope i get some critiques to my model or to my normal map system.....

      Its so simply.......;-)

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Name:	spiderready0.jpg
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ID:	809  

    2. October 11, 2005

      # 2
      and that is the normal map system quiet simple

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Name:	image1.jpg
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ID:	12652  

    3. breton's Avatar

      Dominican Republic

      Santiago, Dominican Republic

      Autodesk Maya

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      October 11, 2005

      # 3

      what about an animation?

      nice work!

    4. October 11, 2005

      # 4
      yes its true.....i hope i find a idea to animate this beautiful model.......;-)

      i want to bring it to live........but iam alone got no chance to animate in short time a good an komplex advertisement for 3danimation........

      I want to creat a advertisement.....or a little music videostory with that little monster....,-)

      i hope you understand what i mean....with that normal map....system

    5. 3pod's Avatar


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      May 2005



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      October 14, 2005

      # 5
      i've tested but for me it have just worked as a bump map. I'm wondering how this really works or if this really works. Can you post another test here with some object distorced in x,y,z? I cant see too much in the model you have posted? its a nice work as a render, but i cant see the job of the normal maps..


    6. October 14, 2005

      # 6
      ok i see you dont believe it. But my system work in same way, how 3dsmax system.

      I tested more that two weeks, with zbrush2 and maya. And with maya you can get the best results.
      You can also add a displacement map to this, so you can get very high detailed surfaces(combination of normal and displace)with low rendertimes.......my spider in the picture need on 1280x960 only 2 minutes to render......with 1,845 mio polys, i need more that 20 minutes.......and i can see no difference in quality

        Attached Thumbnails:

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Name:	beintestnormal.jpg
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Size:	390.1 KB
ID:	12692  

    7. October 14, 2005

      # 7
      that is a other pic. i also think about dyn. hairs on my spider(hairs like on a real spider)

      mmmmm and i look for a driven key system for walking. i have to animate a lot of walk sence. without drivenkey system i got no chance.

      Can anybody help me? or know somebody a script for spiders in maya 7.0

        Attached Thumbnails:

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Name:	spider3.jpg
Views:	30
Size:	422.8 KB
ID:	12693  

    8. October 14, 2005

      # 8
      ok, i must apologyze and assume my ignorance, is that too hard for you to put a .mb file with just the shader network for the normal map to download in somewhere or send-me it by mail?

      I'm doing something wrong here.


      [Edited on 14/10/05 by 3pod]

    9. October 14, 2005

      # 9
      ok i send something to youre email address.

      I hope i can help you, but sorry i cant you send my holy shadernetwork. if you want my model, you have to pay.......sorry.....that was a lot of work and the whole model with all textures, got a foldersize of 200 mb.

      the normal maps are 4000x4000 px large........

    10. October 15, 2005

      # 10
      no no, i really dont want your model or your shading network as i said. i just wanna see and analyse the conections for construct of the normal maps, because mines doesnt works as well.

      my email is fracadpopo@terra.com.br

      i apologyze for misunderstanding.


    11. October 15, 2005

      # 11
      nobody has to apologyze....its ok

      i send you a mail. I hope you got it, and i hope you can open my .ma file. I work with maya 7.I think also, that my system works also in previews version-in all version with a bump node. Normal maps are not more as bump maps......no difference.

    12. October 16, 2005

      # 12
      Hi, cool news......... i got a very interesting story........and i animate this spider......and make a advertisement........,-)

    13. worldofmaya's Avatar


      worldofmaya is on a distinguished road

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      Dec 2003



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      October 27, 2005

      # 13
      That's great! An animation with this one sounds cool!

      [Edited on 27/10/2005 by worldofmaya]

    14. November 19, 2005

      # 14
      Good news. Now i got a story with all the things i need to. I'm hopefully that i reach the target to finish that big project. cause iam alone.

      Now iam at scene 4 of 15........tomorrow i render scene 4 i think it takes two or three days to render.then compositing and the next three scenes are not so timeexpensive. i worked on scene 4 more than three weeks cause of mayas bodyrigid simulation problems i have to simulate all in 3dsmax 8.......after sim...i imported it with FBX-file back to maya..........

      the iglass shader is the best i ever seen........everyone has to download an to use it! Special Thanks to his "coder". Youre name will be in my trailer........special thanks!!!!!!
      and also the others, they helped me.......

      i hope i get the rights to show the deathfall.com logo at the end of the trailer.......a little advertisement in the

    15. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      Dec 2001





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      November 20, 2005

      # 15

      Can't wait to see more of your project, its looking really nice.

      Good luck!

    16. November 30, 2005

      # 16
      Hello. Tomorrow at the 1.december i got my 21. Birthday.....

      I wish you all a nice day tomorrow......;-) Happy rendering and good luck.

      and today i got new images for you all!.....i finished scene4!.... and i got amazing stuff about scene 4

      three pic's .....and you know how much work this cost,-)

        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	szene4_2.jpg
Views:	32
Size:	228.9 KB
ID:	13073  

    17. November 30, 2005

      # 17

    18. November 30, 2005

      # 18

    19. November 30, 2005

      # 19
      and now i hope someone can help me to build a model of an rat or a guinea-pig.......cause i have not so much time.....and to build a photoreal model i think i need two weeks.....but i want to save time.....

      i put every name of the artist, that helped me...into the end titles of my movie....and every person on animago award 2006 can see it.....about the internet...........i think its good advertisement for everyone....


    20. WOTAN's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      WOTAN is on a distinguished road

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      Jun 2002



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      December 1, 2005

      # 20
      Wow the projetc looks very good! I've never used the Fusion but looks really good!. We must see the project finish it!! Nice work

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