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      December 5, 2005

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      This arrived into my inbox today:

      "See a need, fill a need...

      The employees of Blue Sky Studios, with the support of Fox Animation,
      continue their efforts to support those still struggling to re-establish
      themselves in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

      To that end, Blue Sky Studios is holding a charity auction on eBay,
      putting up for bid original /Ice Age/
      <http://blueskystudios.com/content/features-iceage.php> and /Robots/
      <http://blueskystudios.com/content/features-robots.php> artwork. You
      won't find these pieces for sale anywhere else - they're absolutely
      one-of-a-kind. All proceeds (minus auction fees) will go directly to
      those in need. Most of the items up for auction are signed by the
      artist; all will come with certificates of authenticity.

      All auctions will be held exclusively on eBay through their Giving Works
      program. Proceeds from each piece will be designated for either the Red
      Cross or the American Humane Society. Though your purchase will not be
      tax deductible, it will certainly be appreciated in this season of giving.

      There were many of us here at Blue Sky that were directly affected by
      the hurricanes. Some of us have homes that were damaged; others have
      families who've lost everything. It has been, and will continue to be, a
      struggle for those in the Gulf Coast to get back on their feet. Please
      don't miss out - bid knowing that your money will make a difference.

      a page on eBay for when the auctions go live:

      and an info page here:
      http://www.blueskystudios.com/content/company-auction.php "

      Jennifer Brola Richards

    2. December 14, 2005

      # 2
      Just a reminder

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