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    1. tikal's Avatar


      milan Italy

      Autodesk Maya

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      Jan 2002



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      December 13, 2002

      # 1
      hi u all.....
      i have been playing abit with rat 5.5 and i saw that when i use a spotlight created in slim and attached to an obj i have a black render....
      i gave a look at the light.slim template but i am not so good in programming, so i'd like to know if someone is able to understand what is happening....
      the render have the alpha channel so i mean there must be a problem using the rgb output...
      if someone can help.....thanks in advance!

    2. Doc's Avatar


      Mexico D.F.

      Autodesk Maya

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      Dec 2001





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      December 13, 2002

      # 2
      The warez comunity have reported this problem, so watch out to speak SO LOUD in forums about problems like this because they're usually due to a bad cracked version.

      (Hint: Try using a ratuberlight shader instead)


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