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    1. nfuchs's Avatar


      nfuchs is on a distinguished road

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      Aug 2005



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      April 24, 2006

      # 1
      Hello again!

      I did not visit for a long time now...
      So here is my 3rd monk I consider done (I won't touch ths one now). Comments, critique are welcome.
      I'm looking for a job and willing to relocate so if you are from a game developer company...feel free to contact me if you think my skills can help you (developing nextgen games)
      Thanks for your time!

    2. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


      Sunstar is on a distinguished road

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      Dec 2001





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      April 24, 2006

      # 2
      wow, really nice!

      I like the shadow that the character gets from the enviroment.

      It would be nice to see an animation, or at least a fly-by.

      Good luck getting a job!

    3. kray's Avatar


      kray is on a distinguished road

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      Mar 2005



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      April 24, 2006

      # 3
      Hey man nice image, if you are looking for a job in videogames i would recomend you to add more info like poly count, texture size, stuff like that.
      good luck.

      K Guevara.

    4. April 25, 2006

      # 4

      Well these are not realtime models so it would make no sense to wirte polycount info and others....there is my webpage's address on the image. There you find more info about me and other work samples (personal and some professional).
      I think this images shows something about my current knowledge and experience. Don't you think?

      This was done to be a still...maybe I'll begin to do animations around 2010

    5. April 25, 2006

      # 5
      what you explain in your reply is the kind of information you need it to give in my opinion, i didn't notice your website the first time because the image is prety big or my monitor too small.
      any way good luck.

      K Guevara.

    6. April 25, 2006

      # 6
      Well this is a still image with highres models and textures. I paint textures in 4k and resize them to maintain the pixelratio between the body parts. Zbrush and Photoshop.
      The monk was sculpted in Zbrush and rendered using multi displacement technique so polycount is irrelevant. The environment is full of displacement maps too
      Here is a wip of the monk model.

    7. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      mrdino is on a distinguished road

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      Sep 2002



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      April 25, 2006

      # 7
      Hey nfuchs ,

      nice work dude , a very excellent model , i agree with sunstar about the shadows gained from the environment !!

      Ciao ,,

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