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      May 11, 2006

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      Redway announces the availability of the of Redviewer v1.2, a pre-visualization component for Autodesk? 3ds Max? / VIZ ( free trial available at www.redway3d.com/news/news_020506_en.php ).

      Redviewer accelerates the 3D production workflow (up to 30% of time savings on a 3D production) by processing interactive ray-tracing previews in the 3ds Max? / VIZ viewport. It removes most of the intermediate renderings necessary to tune a CG image and shorten the decision process between CG actors.

      Redviewer is a pre-visualization tool, not a final image renderer. Therefore, it does not change the quality of your final result.

      Fully integrated to the Autodesk? 3ds Max? / VIZ user interface, Redviewer supports most of 3ds Max? / VIZ parameters including materials, lights, shadows, reflections and transparencies.

      Material setup is simplified with Redviewer by providing an interactive display for most of 3ds Max? / VIZ materials using per-pixel lighting real time shaders. Main supported materials and components are: standard, architectural, blend, double sided, multi-sub, ray-trace, shell, and shellac materials; all 2D maps, map compositors (composites, mix, and masks), 3D maps (noise, falloffs?) and some "other" maps (raytrace, ...).

      Redviewer Interactive lighting capabilities cover all 3ds Max? / VIZ lights (directional, omni, spot, photometric) and mental ray? lights. It displays interactively shadow maps, ray-traced shadows, area shadows, alpha and colored shadows as well.

      True reflections and transparencies are although interactively displayed within the 3ds Max? / VIZ viewport, making all intermediate renderings useless for tuning.

      Finally, by supporting animations and ?make preview? features, Redviewer enables high quality pre-visualization films computed up to 50 times faster than traditional renderer. An immediate feed back can be communicated to the project stakeholder.

      About REDWAY

      Redway S.A.S. is 3D interactive software publisher based in Paris. 3D software and middleware commercialized by Redway are based on a unique interactive ray tracing technology, the R.E.D. (patent pending). The R.E.D. provides users with a 10 to 50 times faster rendering speed for the same quality delivered by non-interactive rendering engines. For more information Visit the Redway website at www.redway3d.com

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      Autodesk Maya

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      May 14, 2006

      # 2
      Wow !!

      This is really cool tool , thanks for sharing this with us !!

      I'll surely try the trial version of it !!

      Bravo ,,

      Ciao ,,

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