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    1. philippe's Avatar

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      June 29, 2006

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      Hi Guys,

      I just wanted to mention that we (the liquidmaya dev team) released binaries for liquid 1.8.

      Liquid has evolved a lot over the last months, as we used it at Framestore-CFC to render our shots on Superman Returns.

      The new version is integrated in maya as a renderer, like mental ray. It is much easier to use, and if you tried to use it in the past, I advise you to check the new version.

      We are not quite at the point where it does the same things as the excellent RenderMan for Maya, but we are getting closer. The main thing left to do is to translate hypershade networks into renderman shaders, but this is on our list. But on the other hand, we support PRMan as well as other renderers. Note that Air support is in its infancy...

      We have installers for windows, Linux and OSX. Fell free to use it, and please report bugs.
      This is a pre-release, because we used it mainly on linux/osx with prman/pixie.



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    2. Faz170183's Avatar


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      July 1, 2006

      # 2
      hey man
      is it possible you could provide a link so i can check it out? always like trialling new plugins and apps.

    3. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      July 2, 2006

      # 3
      Hi Philippe ,,

      This is really good that you've released Liquid 1.8 , am just waiting for the R2M version ,,

      It's good too to hear that this version has been used in Superman Returns Movie !!

      Nice work , and thanks for sharing this ,,

      Ciao ,,

    4. July 4, 2006

      # 4

      You will also need to install a renderman-compatible renderer like Pixar's PhotoRealistic RenderMan, Pixie or 3Delight.

      the link to our project :

      our documentation is here :


      [Edited on 4/7/2006 by philippe]

    5. July 4, 2006

      # 5

      We don't provide the same kind of preset GI / bssrdf worflows that Renderman For Maya provides, but if you are interested in learning about renderman, you will find our solution more flexible.
      There will be a learning curve though. But as a professionnal user, I find that flexibility is the key...


    6. July 4, 2006

      # 6
      Hi Philippe ,,

      Thanks for the advice , i'll try out your solution , and i'll check for flexibility ! If am comfortable with it , i'll be using it !!

      Thanks again for your reply ,,


    7. July 4, 2006

      # 7
      Hey Phillipe
      sorry for lateness of my reply. i've been away, and its killed me not having my pc. thanx for the info i have renderman already so no worries on teh plugin working. thanx again.

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