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      First of all hi to everyone and I want to invite you to visit CREANIMAX 2006 website.

      CREANIMAX 2006 is an animation, vfx and videogame development congress that will be held in Guadalajara, M?xico in October 13 to 15 th in Expo Guadalajara, the event is supported by different government agencies as well by private organizations, that want to impulse the animation industry.

      In the activities of the event will have workshops and conferences by important persons in the industry like Colin Brady, Enrique Navarrete, Rick Ungar, Sergio Muci?o, Rodrigo Tomasso and some others that will confirm later.

      Also as part of the event, we are launching the CREANIMAX 2006 Animation Contest that will give away 50,000 US dls in prices between 5 categories: 2d animation (national), 3d animation (national), 3d animation (international), stopmotion (national) and videogame (national). The participation in the contest is completely FREE.

      We are also sponsored by many of the industry related companies in digital and traditional animation.

      For more information please go to www.creanimax.com/en.html

      The webpage will be updated frequently with the precise dates of the conferences, workshops and other events that will be part of CREANIMAX.

      Saludos from Guadalajara and we hope to have you here in October.

      PR Manager
      CREANIMAX 2006

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