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    1. drummer's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      drummer is on a distinguished road

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      Aug 2005



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      July 23, 2006

      # 1
      Hi guys,
      this is a new character I made with XSI + Modo + Zbrush + Photoshop.
      It was inspired from a movie by Truffaut, "Farenheit 451". He is a sort of Regime Agent but he is not much proud of what he has to do, maybe he understands the danger of his actions...

      critics are welcome

    2. PeLoN's Avatar


      Tokyo, Japan

      Autodesk Maya

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      May 2002





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      July 23, 2006

      # 2
      I can see a great modelling, but i have some critics about the maps you created for all the image.

      For example, you did a great diffuse map for the face but your specular map is lacking of depth, try some aging like you did in your model. Maybe increasing the contrast between the beard section and the chin area, lips and nose.

      Also I would say that try for the jacket using a specular map too, and a bump map, very subtle one, leave all the leather detail to be reflected from the fill and key lights, this way is much more realistic.

      Also for the cap, de frontal part where the skull is located, is just a shader, if you are not trying to achieve everything in 3D, maybe correcting it in photoshop should be the answer. I hope it works

      good job.

      PS. Try weathering

    3. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      mrdino is on a distinguished road

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      Sep 2002



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      July 23, 2006

      # 3
      Bon Giorno Marco ,,

      This is realy cool detailed model , maybe you can apply what PeLoN says about the texturing stuff ,, But from what i see , i feel it doesn't need any more touches , This protrait looks expressive as much as it needs ,

      Nice work mi amigo ,


    4. July 25, 2006

      # 4
      thx guys for your critics, this is what I need
      I'll post some improvment soon

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