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    1. Oliver_th's Avatar


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      September 4, 2006

      # 1
      Hi all! Long time no see!

      I took a character I had done in high res and made it as a lowres with normal maps. I still have to do the textures but most of it is done.. I think..

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Name:	anatomy_65(Wire).jpg
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    2. September 4, 2006

      # 2

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Name:	anatomy_65.jpg
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    3. PeLoN's Avatar


      Tokyo, Japan

      Autodesk Maya

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      May 2002





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      September 4, 2006

      # 3
      It's looking good but i think you should try reaching a higher LOD on your HP model, this way your work in the LP is going to be much easier.

      At this POV i can see you've working on the clothes detail, sort of fabric seams, but you're lacking of detail on the border, at the end of the suit's sleeves you have a big seam where it turns inside.

      Another thing, you're spending too much tri's on the mouth area, you should try collapsing this edges to the half, the normal map is going to do all that work for you. This way you reduce the number of tris in this area, no edges needed, just the normal map.

      You've achieved a great detail in the hand (as for the base normal map).

      Besides this, the shirt's neck is lacking of tri's.

      It's the same for the suit's chest, you can't emulate this detail only with normal map, you have to do all the tri's work and then extract it into a normal map. This way is going to look much more realistic.

      The same applies to the rest of the suit. Maybe it's time to spend more time doing fabric detail, the holes in the suit where the buttons go, etc...

      The same goes for the shoes.

      You can achieve a lot of detail with the normal map pass in one shot just working with the HP in the right way.

      Wish you luck.!

    4. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      mrdino is on a distinguished road

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      Sep 2002



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      September 4, 2006

      # 4
      Hey Oliver ,

      Nice Work man !! Like always !!

      Good luck in your Projects !!

      Ciao ,,

    5. September 6, 2006

      # 5
      Thanks for the replies guys! rely like that!

      PeLoN, Yeah I could add some more detail like pockets etc... but I realy dont get the "this way your work in the LP is going to be much easier' part.

      And I dont know what you mean by the big seam at the end of the sleeves... I checked on the internet and coundn't find any suit with it at the end of the sleeves...


      For the mout, this time I wanted to model it as if it was the main character of a game so I added the necesery polys to make good facial animations.

      yeah.. the shirts neck is low in poly.. .could do something for that

      and the chest (tie region) were made from a high res too. but from that angle its hard to see. Specialy with a dark color.

      And the suit I want to do has only butons in the front, wich I've done already. I'll just need to add the pockets... I think..

      And thanks for the tip about normal maps but, I pretty much do it for a living! I'm think starting to get the hang of it!

      Thanks mrdino! Always nice to get your encouragement!

      and ... Is Deathfall dead ? I posted one reply the other day and got into the botom billboard.... ?!?!

      And here's a picture of the high res suit...

        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	anatomy_56.jpg
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Size:	73.4 KB
ID:	13443  

    6. September 6, 2006

      # 6
      Low res with normal maps.

        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	anatomy_57.jpg
Views:	31
Size:	26.5 KB
ID:	13444  

    7. September 6, 2006

      # 7
      And here's something I had done with it to make one of my cousins laugh...

        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	anatomy_64.jpg
Views:	39
Size:	31.0 KB
ID:	13445  

    8. Aztan's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      Sep 2005



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      September 6, 2006

      # 8
      The "Evil" and a bit "Wacky/Mad" "Big Brain Suit" the gangster/lawyer (am I being redundant?) who you don?t want to find on a dark alley or the restaurant sitting next to you. Jejeje

    9. September 6, 2006

      # 9
      HAHA!! Dont worry, I'll continu with the serious-like gangster!

    10. September 10, 2006

      # 10
      Hi Oliver ,,

      Do you use max in your works ? or maya ? What techique do you use ?

      Thanks ,,

      Ciao ,,

    11. September 11, 2006

      # 11
      I use Max. And I used polygon modeling for juste about everything. The arms and legs where done withe a bit of Cloth simulations. And the middle parte of the suit was done very simply in polygons, then modified with a bit of cloth, and finaly some zbrush just to make the folds going to the belly.

    12. September 12, 2006

      # 12
      Hi Oliver ,,

      Thanks for the tip !! It's really nice work you do here !!

      Ciao ,,

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