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    1. Ramdas's Avatar


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      Sep 2006



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      September 10, 2006

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      Hello Friends, This is first timeofme here.
      I need to know that if I downloaded a free rigged model can i use it for animation project.Iwill display the name of the rigger or the site from which i have downloaded it.But it is ok to use such rigged model for the project.I have my model for my main project but i want to use it as extra thing

      Please help me in this .

    2. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      Sep 2002



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      September 10, 2006

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      Hello Ramadas ,

      Welcome to Deathfall ,

      About using a rig in your animation , why don't you email the rigger and ask him if it is ok to use his model under his acceptance , because some riggers might refuse to give you authorisation of their rig unless you ask them ,,

      Best Luck in your mission ,,

      Ciao ,,

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