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      September 18, 2006

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      Hello I need another help. I have done rigging part of my model but I am having problems with skinning.Can you suggest me any site or book that can help me in skinning process in deapth.It can be for Maya or Max.But mainly for maya.

      And one more thing about MEL. can you suggest me easiest book or tutorials which can teach me MEL.Is it true that basic knowledge of C++ is helpful for MEL.

    2. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      September 18, 2006

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      Hello Ramdas ,,

      Regarding a book for skinning , take a look at Maya Press's "Learning Maya 7 : The Modeling & Animation Handbook" ,
      but for MEL , i really recommend that you look at Maya Press's books , they have one for maya , and yes , MEL has something to do with C++ Language ,,

      Also i really recommend that you browse into


      Good Luck
      Ciao ,,

    3. September 19, 2006

      # 3
      Thanks a lot for support. I will give you much moore trouble like this but don't mind.

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