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    1. JimmyD's Avatar

      United States

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      September 22, 2006

      # 1
      How can I import bitmap images into Maya.

      Newby JimmyD

    2. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      September 22, 2006

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      Hello JimmyD ,

      You have to be more specific of what do you mean by import bitmap images into Maya !
      Do you need them as Reference Planes , as Materials , as Background , etc.

      Every technique depends on the usage you want of those bitmaps !

      Good Luck ,


    3. September 25, 2006

      # 3
      Thanks for responding mrdino,

      I have a slew of bit map saved in the my pictures folder that I cant load into Maya. If I could I would use them as references to "trace" and get backgrounds and characters done out in 3d. I keep getting "unrecognized file type" messages and have yet to get much started other than a road and some Yurts. Is there a file type that the pictures need to be so they can be loaded into Maya? I guess theres a specific file type the program reads from? But when I go through the file-import options I am not able to load anything in the my pictures folder no matter the file type or extension. I did notice that Maya has a few of its own file types listed. Are those the only ones it can use?

    4. October 10, 2006

      # 4
      Well due to an act of courtesy I have found the answer. If you came to see how to do this yourself the answer my friend is in the renderings. you need to create a plane and then with the checkered box at the end of the color adjust bar will allow you to select pretty much anything to apply as a wall, or back drop for us tracing fools. This works on crates, barels, guns, planes, pretty much anything. and if your like me you do Maya for the total control artistry and the ability to animate your once lifeless creation. This tip has greatly excelerated my level and weapon design, and It can help you too. I hope this helps. Thanks again Mr Dino. Game on

      p.s. no aplause just throw money

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