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      October 25, 2006

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      Press Release - for Immediate Distribution

      Announcing the release of Project Dogwaffle Professional 4

      Santa Clarita and San Diego, California - October 11, 2006

      TheBest3D.com has announced the release of PD Pro 4, the newest
      major edition of Project Dogwaffle Professional, a PC paint and
      animation software developed by Hollywood special fx artist, animator
      and novelist Dan Ritchie.

      PD Pro version 4 is the successor to the acclaimed and award-winning
      PD Pro Digital Painter 3.x, also known as Project Dogwaffle Professional.
      Using PD Pro, it is possible to paint with animations over animations,
      such as digital video, as well as with natural media and particle brushes.

      "We developed PD Pro to enable artists to express free-thinking creativity
      in a different way,", said Ritchie, "inspired by old-school traditional painting
      and animation techniques. This newest release adds a great deal of
      further speed improvements through code optimizations, extensive use
      of system cache and a new framework to support new and future hardware
      configurations through multi-threading."

      PD Pro is designed from the ground up to be a realtime painting experience.
      Technologies like streaming SIMD instructions and aggressive processor cache
      usage make PD Pro a real screamer.

      PD Pro 4 introduces a new multithreading architecture for a 10-25% speedup or
      even more on the current generation of dual core processors, and much greater
      speeds as new multithreaded tools and plugins become available.

      *** What's new in v4

      Top Improvements found in PD Pro 4.0:

      * New user-centric interface makes more of PD Pro's power easier to use,
      especially for first-time users, more easily accessible.

      * More speed and flexibility. PD Pro is optimized with the latest
      state-of-the art optimizing techniques for realtime feel and operation on
      single core systems, and using multiple threads for a significant boost on
      multi-core systems. (HT, Dual Core, X2,...)

      * New pigment profiles are much simpler, more flexible, and powerful
      than traditional color swatches, palette mixers, or other schemes used
      in the past to represent the color of pigments in traditional painting medias.
      Pixel profiles are fully integrated, along with newly integrated color tools
      like the Color Harmony tool.

      * New favorites list lets you organize and keep your favorite tools in
      an easy-to-use thumbnail browser.

      * Better integration of existing tools, plus dozens of optimizations,
      tweaks, fixes and improvements requested by users and beta testers

      "We've created several new productivity-enhancing tools", added Ritchie, "such as
      opening a picture from file directly into the 'stored' state, for subsequent easy
      re-use. This can be a great time-saver, for instance when a dozen of images needs
      to be sequenced into a rotating banner or a quick animation."

      A detailed list of changes and new features can be found at

      *** Availability & Pricing

      Introductory pricing for PD Pro 4.0 Upgrades start at $29, with the full version
      priced at $104 instead of $119.

      More sidegrades and pricing details can be found at


      PD Pro is available as a download of about 19 MB

      *** About Dan Ritchie and Squirreldome.com

      PD Pro is the culmination of Project Dogwaffle technology, which is the
      result of 9+ years of development by Dan Ritchie, a Hollywood special fx artist
      who is also the author of a novel, "Silver Squirrel".

      Concurrently with the release of PD Pro 4, Ritchie also has announced the
      availability of his newest novel #2, "Silver Squirrel in Uneasy Pieces".
      Ritchie's novels can be found at http://www.thebest3d.com/silversquirrel
      and at his publisher, Authorhouse.com.

      Ritchie can be contacted at http://www.squirreldome.com

      *** About Philip Staiger and TheBest3D.com

      Philip Staiger is the owner of TheBest3D.com where he consults with artists
      on affordable tools for artistic creativity.

      *** Press Contacts

      For Press inquiries and NFR copies to arrange a review please contact
      Philip Staiger at

      Web: www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/presszone
      email: admin-AT-thebest3d-DOT-com
      Skype: staigermanus
      Phone: +1-858-208-7377

      Silver Squirrel, PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle are trademarks of Dan Ritchie.
      All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and only
      used for identification purposes.

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