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    1. Malcon's Avatar

      United States

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      Oct 2006



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      October 28, 2006

      # 1
      Hello everybody. this is a commision peice im doing for a guy out of california who is a musician that does everything in house. he plays all the instrements, and records everything himself. He wanted me to portray him floating in space with all of his instraments and equipment floating all aroudn him. i tried that and it didnt work as far as layout. the eye was just floating around the scene. so i grounded him on this foundation floating in space. all the scaling and and perspective is slightly skewed on perpose. i am still playing with the color balance and everything so thats not quite complete. but a good critique would do me good sence i have been staring at this so long.

    2. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      Sep 2002



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      November 3, 2006

      # 2
      Hi Malcon ,

      I don't see anything bad in your image that you've posted , in fact i like it so much !

      Maybe you can make this section (island) to go to infinity , if you know what i mean , how about a one vanishing point to the ground (to inifnity) !

      Also did you try to make it in Graffitti style (monotone) ? Check on James Blunt's Latest album cover (Back to Bedlam) maybe you'll get what am talking about !

      But i can see your artwork is fine !

      Ciao ,,

    3. November 4, 2006

      # 3
      well the client wanted it to be super colorful so i think it has a good energy as far as color but yes i think the way it presented this idea is in sort of a cartoon, graffetti influenced style.
      thanks for the comment.
      oh and i looked at the cd cover, it almost seems to havce a hindu influence. anyway thanks again!

    4. November 5, 2006

      # 4
      Hi again ,

      I meant only the Portrait of James Blunt , not all the cover ,
      but if the client wanted it colorful , then what you did was good enough for that .

      Anyway , just wanted to give advice and you work is fine as far as i can see it ,

      Ciao ,,

    5. November 5, 2006

      # 5
      oh i see. cool . thanks so much for the comment!

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