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      FUSION 5 Crowd Replication
      Simulating Large And small Crowds
      (In High Definition)

      For many years, compositors had to depend on a 3D department to create a digital brain for crowd simulations. While it still has its place in the industry, particle instancing of crowds can be done quite easily inside the Fusion 3D tool set. This DVD will take you through a variety of techniques for instancing, replication and particle crowd dynamics. Now you can solve large scale crowds, organized and offset walk / run cycle animation before the director can even put a 3D team together to handle the shot. We use digital stand-ins to simulate live action green screen footage to allow the user to reuse our fusion comps in there own workflow. Once you have mastered the contents of the DVD, you can then turn around and create a crow simulation macro to control your typical crowd simulation workflow. As always, cmiVFX comps are laid out in and orderly manor, in which the user can edit and alter footage with ease.

      Are you tired of taking live classes that take a whole semester to finish one project? You don't have to answer that question. We already know.

      Play it. Rewind it. Learn It. Do it.

      Instancing Basics:
      We dive right into the first chapter discussing the basics of instancing and fake depth of field tricks. The purpose of this tutorial is to set the fundamental values of crowd simulation. Make use of the traditional 2D tools to satisfy popular cinematic effects.

      Randomized Walk Cycles:
      Once you get a grasp for instancing in 2D, you will dive right into 3D particles. With one CG rendered walk cycle, you will learn how to make a crowd simulation from it with the variety of speed, size, and ground position. This is a great foundation for more complicated crowd effects to come.

      Wave Style Crowd Effects:
      This two part chapter discusses the ability to create a large random stadium crowd and make them animate "The Stadium Wave" effect using a series of expressions and image based controls. See feedback live in the particle crowd while you move the graphical controls that you will create in this lesson.

      Shaping Crowds:
      Once you get the hang of creating particle crowds with random movement behaviors, you will then learn how to customize the overall shape of the crowd to create interesting customized effects for you projects. The example shows a marching band effect spelling out a word.

      Colorize Crowds:
      Sometimes in large stadium crowds, you may see advertising gimmicks from the stadium owners and sponsors that create large scale billboard advertisements based on the people themselves. This chapter gets in the most efficient method of achieving this effect.

      Billboard Advertisements:
      Continuing on with Crowd style advertising, you then learn how to create a index card animation based on billboard advertisements. The project will use Fusions 3D subsystem to create the animation and then can be composite in 2d or 3d over the crowd simulation.

      Match Moving Crowds:
      This project is turning an animated stadium into the legacy game called "Simon Says". learn how to animate crowd effects with color after learning how to track and match move a crowd into the stadium with grid warp techniques. You will construct this composition from detailed render passes.

      Instancing, Instanced Instances:
      So your a crowd expert by now, but you still need to organize your crowd particles to fit your stadium. So we give you the geometry to line everything up to. This chapter discusses the instancing and altering of other instances all within the 3d editor.

      Who this DVD is for:
      This DVD is for the more experienced Fusion FX artists that want to take the 3D particle pipeline away from maya or houdini, and bring it into the daily compositing workflow. Its highly recommended to view the Advanced Particle Tactics DVD prior to watching this video.

      This DVD is included in several kits as an option, but lends itself as a standalone DVD for $59.95. To order this DVD now, select the "Buy Now" Button to the right of this passage.


      ?COPYRIGHT 2006 cmiVFX and cmiStudios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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