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    1. waheednasir's Avatar


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      January 15, 2007

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      hello everyone..., this is my recenet landscape/waterscape painting, done in artrage. i went for a peaceful, serene mood of beautiful day, with all the charm of nature, its light and colors. ref. (quite a common one), for only a small part of the construction was just consulted for this particular architecture, which is even altered for my requirements. the entire scene is all self-visualized, my own composition. tablet used....

      thanks for coming in.


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    2. Aztan's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      January 18, 2007

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      Nice work man... At first sight I thought it was made with real oil paints .
      I?m not so sure that I like all that purple tones in the water,but I do like the "reflections" in the water.
      What are you going to use this image for?

    3. January 22, 2007

      # 3
      many thanks aztan, for admiring this.... i appreciate.
      this is my personal piece, though i can think about it, if someone is interested and likes to acquire it.

      thanks again...good day.

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      [Edited on 22/1/07 by waheednasir]

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