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    1. www.2xbo.com's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      www.2xbo.com is on a distinguished road

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      Jan 2005



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      March 1, 2007

      # 1
      Hi guys,
      some sketches in my lazy time . Hope you like it.


      P.S. Nothing special. Just some fast lines.

      [Edited on 1/3/07 by 2xbo]

    2. mrdino's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      mrdino is on a distinguished road

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      Sep 2002



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      March 5, 2007

      # 2
      Salodos Xavier,

      Very nice Sketches man ! I like the Style of your presentation and the design of the car is superb!

      Cool Work ,

      Ciao ,

    3. March 5, 2007

      # 3
      Saludines mrdino,
      How are you? A long time i didnt hear about you. How you doing?

      Thnx for your comments. The Design is not that WOW because as i said in the Spanish Thread, that sketches was only to warm a little bit the hand.

      Another sketcht that i made and forgot to update here is this one.
      Hope you like it.

      Im glad to hear about from you again. Have a nice evening.

      CU next time.


      [Edited on 5/3/07 by 2xbo]

    4. March 7, 2007

      # 4
      Hi there. Well another tiny update for this thread.
      Hope you will like it.

    5. March 7, 2007

      # 5
      Hi Xavier ,

      Of course i will like it ! Really Nice ! But what tools did you use for the sketches here ??

    6. March 7, 2007

      # 6
      Hi mrdino,

      Thanx man for the kind words.

      To make this ones i only used:

      a Pen and a green Office-Marker. Those ones to mark some text.
      And then I invert the images to make it black white, because I like more in Black. Just style.

      Thats all. Nothing special. May be some day i will publish my uwn DVD.
      Im thinking about that.


    7. March 8, 2007

      # 7
      And new update


    8. March 16, 2007

      # 8
      Hi Guys and now a new Update but this time no a compleate Car

      I hope you will like it.


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