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    1. Angelus's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      May 26, 2007

      # 1
      Hi everyone... I have some huge problems in Maya 8 and I hope you could help me.

      The first problem is that the scale, rotate and translate manipulator dissapears, specially the rotate and sometimes they are in persp view or in some ortographic view.

      The other problems are with duplicated faces, when I use split polygon tool or extrude or I smooth the geometry, I get duplicated faces, I already check the preferences and the tools preferences and I can't solve this problem, and that not only me, some friends of mine have this problem too and some friends don't.

      I hope you can help me, I'm getting crazy deleting faces.

      There is a snapshot of the duplicated faces.

      [Edited on 26/5/07 by Angelus]

    2. May 26, 2007

      # 2
      I can't attach the snapshot but you could see it in the next link...

    3. breton's Avatar

      Dominican Republic

      Santiago, Dominican Republic

      Autodesk Maya

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      Jan 2004



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      May 26, 2007

      # 3

      Here's your image:

      i can see something, are the other faces the result of the extrusion?, check if you are not selecting the edge or the vertex at the time when you extrude it.

      about the hided cursors, check the file of preferences of maya, try reinstalling.

    4. May 26, 2007

      # 4
      Thanks for the post and the image Breton...

      When I extrude a face, Maya add a back face as you can see in the first geometry.
      In the second geometry, when I split a face, Maya split that face in 2 and add a back face.
      In the third geometry, when I tried to smooth the geometry, Maya add back faces in all the geometry.
      I only select Faces, I know in Maya 8 the extrude tool do a extrude for the component you are selected and no like Maya 7 that has a extrude tool for each component.

      About the manipulators, I tried everything, 30 computers of 40 in my school have the same problem of manipulators and duplicated faces, the teacher and I, we are getting crazy because we need to deal with this problem in all the students projects, we asked the school to install Maya 7 back but they don't want it.

      I hope somebody could help.

    5. peengoh's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      Jun 2004





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      May 30, 2007

      # 5
      Hi, i havent been able to go around your problem, but most of the times i solve problems like this, erasing the preferences folder, give it a try, if there is the issue, installing and unninstalling maya wont fix it, if it doesnt work, email me one scene with the "error" peengohATgmailDOTcom

      good luck

    6. greeny's Avatar


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      Mar 2004



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      May 31, 2007

      # 6
      hey everybody ! (que onda piluca?!)
      guess its the day of hating Autodesk.

      For me, i have a couple of glitches I ve spotted.

      The "Spit Vertex" function, is completely hidden in the "detach component"

      The "convert nurbs to poly" completely sucks!! In any of the 3 options, you can get a decent quad mesh... I've been going back to maya 7 for converting nurbs into regular quad geometries

      Its pretty unstable with complex scenes and high amount of textures. (maya 7 was not)

      ok... good luck and nice rendering!

    7. May 31, 2007

      # 7
      Hi... Peengoh I don't have a scene with that error right now they are in the school and I went to school today but for some reason Maya was good and didn't get that problem today, or maybe because the students who have that problem didn't go to school today?? Well, I'll send it to you the next Thursday.

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