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      June 4, 2007

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      Hello everyone,

      Fist I want to tell you about the Delphinus Project Story.

      Everything started in Madrid when I was studding a course about animation films production and this great designs with some characters and robots came to the class made by the great designer Bernardo Castro with the purpose of making a short film for the final test, but that never happened . As I got very in love with those designs I created a cool story for them and after thinking and getting some of them done in 3d we saw a great story in our hands so we decided creating this project with enough potential to make a TV show out of it.

      This is a story of Mayan myths, ecological collapse, unknown tecnologis, mystery, romance and humour.

      Delphinus Project

      In the year 2391, exist in the Earth the multinational Tredacam, who has a factory located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in charge to process all the toxic remainders and to turn them into fuel for spaceships. Due to a failure of the machineries, day 30 of December it explodes, causing a thick contamination toxic fluids are starting to intoxicate the ocean. The animals have begun to die and the humanity begins to be in extinction danger, the calculated time of life is of approximately 10 years.

      In the moon base of the UN the representatives of all the countries have an urgency meeting to solve the problem. Between the members of the congress is the most prestigious earth scientist, the German, Doctor Stefan Hass Stark, a man of about 75 years, physics and chemistry Nobel Prize, with great knowledge of archaeology and astronomy. Is Dr. Stark who proposes to create an expedition unit with the mission to find in the constellation of Delphinus the knowledge to save the Earth, warning them of how dangerous this could be he will need the support of the UN troops. After discussing it, and desperate to find a solution they decide to support Dr. Hass idea creating the Delphinus project. The beginning date of the project is 14th of January of 2392.

      And here is where the story begins...

      I want to thank all the people that have contacted me to collaborate with us, we have been working for some time now and I’m very glad to tell you that we have redesigned most of the characters and modelled some of them, some backgrounds, and we are working on a very cool storyboard, we also have started with some rigging and texturing.

      Here are the names of the people that is making this posible with some samples of what they have done I hope you like it:

      Bernardo Castro:

      Thomas Daniels:

      Marta Chicote:

      Guillermo Alvarez:

      Ignacio Granados:

      Felipe Puig:

      Apolo Osornio:

      Carlos Camargo \"RADEON\" y David Jochems:

      David Jochems:

      Rafael Pla Delgado:

      Xavier BoÜchan:

      RADEON & Diego Herrera:

      If you want to know more abot the project and become part of the team please contact us.

      Gracias Death Fall por el espacio



      [Edited on 5/6/07 by Diegopit]

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      Dominican Republic

      Santiago, Dominican Republic

      Autodesk Maya

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      June 4, 2007

      # 2

      El proyecto va muy bien, me ha gustado los bocetos, promete mucho, espero seguir viendo avances.


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