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    1. migusan76's Avatar

      United States

      Huntsville, Al

      Autodesk Maya

      migusan76 is on a distinguished road

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      Feb 2003



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      March 17, 2003

      # 1
      Hey Just Got Through Redesiging my whole site over. Was getting bored with the old one.


    2. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


      Sunstar is on a distinguished road

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      Dec 2001





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      March 17, 2003

      # 2
      Nice webpage you have there

      Im downloading your demoreel right now, I like your 2D work, and your 3D models are great

      Hope to see more work from you here, keep the good work

    3. March 18, 2003

      # 3
      Thanks Sunstar For Checking out my work. :P I'll definitely Post Up More work here DEATHFALL RULESSSSSSS!!!!! once again THANKS.

    4. March 19, 2003

      # 4
      Today i upload my akira clown model back with a new lighting scheme.

    5. March 19, 2003

      # 5
      Great!!, I really like your models!

      I just wonder if you model them thinking in animation? can you animate them? If so it would be nice to see some animation tests


    6. March 19, 2003

      # 6
      Thanks SunStar, Yea i think about animation when i model them its just i wasn't thinking to well about skinning and this guy is a nightmare to skin cause of how i modeled his hands down. But as far as the mesh setup goes i try to make it for animation and anatomicaly correct so it will deform right if choose to animate them. Hey if i ever make any animation or test with them I'll make sure to put them up here First

    7. March 20, 2003

      # 7
      Today i upload my Darkness model back Also with a new lighting scheme.

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