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    1. calin's Avatar

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      Feb 2003



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      April 16, 2003

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      hi there,

      once again i'm in trouble. I try to render subd from maya with renderman via mtor and I have problems with texture maps. on the subd I have several materials on a single surface. at render parts of my surface are invisibles and the texture is one face one texture (I mean like for every face of the subd there is a texture). I tried also with mtor subd, the texture works fine but not the multiple materials on a single surface (pieces of the surface are gone)
      plz some one can explain to me how I should rendert maya subd with the correct UV and multiple materials?


    2. homerider's Avatar

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      May 2003



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      January 14, 2004

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      do you find the answer yet, calin?? I want to know that too! :P

      [Edited on 14/1/2004 by homerider]

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