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    1. spheratu's Avatar


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      April 23, 2003

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      hi friends:the question is simple: how can I do a glow in mtor? not the light glow,the object glow,like the glow in maya.

    2. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      April 23, 2003

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      Hi spheratu,

      That question is the same I had a long time a go and I got as an answer that it is better to do the glow with a composite program like After Effects, Shake, Combustion or Photoshop, you render a matte of the object you want to glow and then you add glow with any of those software, I think its the best way, you have better control of what you are going to get.

      If you find a way to do it directly with RenderMan let me know, ok??

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