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      June 17, 2003

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      Hello everybody, great web site I plan on spending some quality time here.

      I'm having a bit trouble.....I've recently switched to maya on Linux (currently using RH 8.0) and I would like to take addvantage of some
      of the great open source tools available to me. I have toying with bmrt for some time now on a windows platform but my recent switch
      has meant changing to a different renderer and also wanting to intergrate it into my pipeline.

      The biggest problem is I'm no expert. I need help getting these tools up and running or to just pointed in the right direction.

      The first problem I'm having with Pixie is getting the enviroment variable set. I downloaded the linux version and set The LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable but I don't how to setup the shader enviroment variables......among the problems I'm going to have...

      And as for Liquid well.....I'm downloading the new version which says it has linux binarys included.

      I'm just not sure on what librarys I'm meant to have for compiling these pieces software. Nor am I to familiar with compiling all together and on top of that I'm trying to purge all my windowisms from my brain so I can get my head around Linux.

      Thanks heaps in advance. I hope there is enough info to help or at least get started on helping.

    2. titus's Avatar


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      June 17, 2003

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      Hi there,

      Liquid was originaly compiled with Pixar's libraries (libribout.so), when the software came open sourced this changed to Aqsis libraries (libri2rib.so). There's a chance you don't need to compile Liquid, this depends heavily on the version of Maya you are using and the version of the Maya SDK used the create the version of liquidmaya you just downloaded. The compiled versions works on Maya 4.5 and Maya 4.0.

      I don't have much experience compiling Liquid but I have some experience compiling other software in Linux and Windows, so if you have more questions maybe I can help.

      [Edited on 17/6/2003 by titus]

    3. July 9, 2003

      # 3
      Sorry its taken me so long to reply I have hanging out in the sourceforge forums trying to liquid and pixie help. I have pixie up and running now, that was just enviroment variables. The developer Okan Arikan said he is going to work on a pixie interface for liquid so thats great.

      My current problem is compiling liquid with Maya 5 linux. Do you think you can help me?? I'm not sure really where to start. I am looking through sourceforge for some help now.

      Thanks heaps

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