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      July 14, 2003

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      This is my first post here. I wanna share my work with the great people of this forum and listen to for C&C if it is posible. This is my first head and it is made with max. I?m not an experimented user of MAX, i?m learning now a little and it?s cool for modelling, like most of the programs. Well, my model like the subject says if a female face. I started yesterday.

      Here is an image of the base mesh at top, meshsmooth to 1 in the middle and shaded one at last time.

      now, it?s time to a shaded render!

      and now, the same with a wire:

      Some screenshots of my max can be found here:


      Thanks, and sorry about my english, i know that is not perfect.

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      July 14, 2003

      # 2
      It start to look good, I can't wait to see more

      Good luck!

    3. July 17, 2003

      # 3
      Little update

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