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    1. eyewoo's Avatar

      eyewoo is on a distinguished road

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      Jan 2004



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      January 27, 2004

      # 1
      Done using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.

      I've done a few of these and describe them as "They are multiple-image portraits," which sounds better to some people than, "I just like doing them."

      larger view

      When printed, it measures 29.4 x 55.5 inches (141.0 x 74.7 cm.)

    2. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      Dec 2001





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      January 27, 2004

      # 2
      Really Nice! I like it!

    3. Alancran's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      Alancran is on a distinguished road

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      Feb 2002



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      January 27, 2004

      # 3
      pretty nice man!, any insight of how u made it?

    4. January 27, 2004

      # 4
      Thanks for your comments...

      Alancran... The foreground characters from mid screen to the left are essentially freehand abstract shapes drawn and worked in various ways. The winged characters on the left are digitally painted using references for the figure and the wings. The background is made from manipulated photos that I took of buildings in the city of Philadelphia, PA. Most of my work is made from a combination of manipulated photos and digital painting, though I also do a lot of pure digital painting for children's illustration anbd portraits. I do all my work using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop with its adjustment functions and various filters... in particular some custom displacement filters that I've developed. I generally work at roughly 6000 x 8000 pixels on a dual monitor Windows XP based system with 2 gig of RAM.

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