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    Factory VFX

    Founded Year: 2010
    Factory VFX is a full service Visual Effects Post Production Facility that delivers high quality 2D and 3D services at reasonable rates and in record time.

    Factory VFX's core team is comprised of highly proficient Visual Effects artists from companies such as Industrial Light Magic, Tippett Studio, and Digital Domain to name just a few. With CEO Eric Christensen and a stable of other very talented artists, the Factory VFX production team is poised to deliver high quality effects while being mindful of the bottom-line. With solid backgrounds in compositing, plate reconstruction, and stereoscopic rotoscoping, Factory VFX built their company organically in 2D and then moved into 3D with effects work in digital matte paintings, match-animation, matchmove, modeling and more recently, character development.

    Factory VFX's core team has completed shots on over forty feature films just while working at Factory VFX and its six-year-old sister company RotoFactory, alone. Clients include Columbia Pictures, Disney Pictures, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers Studio. Factory VFX is going on year three, and in addition to its northern California office, Factory VFX has opened an office in New Orleans. It recently finished over 100 shots on Universal's "Fast & Furious 5" in the New Orleans office, as well as shots for Columbia Pictures' "Anonymous", and Fox Studios' "The Big Year."