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    Founded Year: 1987
    Rhythm & Hues Studios is an Academy Award - winning visual effects studio. It is best known for its computer generated 3D character animation. Recognized internationally as one of Hollywood's top visual effects and animation facilities, Rhythm & Hues has more than 100 feature films to its credit. The studio received the Academy Award in 1995 for Babe, (Achievement in Visual Effects) and in 2008 for The Golden Compass. It was also nominated in the same category in 2005 for its work on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    Rhythm & Hues Studios was established in Los Angeles, California in 1987 by six former employees of Robert Abel and Associates (Keith Goldfarb, Pauline Ts'o, John Hughes, Frank Wuts, Charles Gibson and Cliff Boulé), and it has grown to become a leading producer of computer-generated visual effects and character animation for movies and commercials. The company makes extensive use of its own proprietary software for its photo-realistic character animation/visual effects--as well as for those that are more stylized.

    In 1999, Rhythm & Hues Studios acquired visual effects house VIFX from 20th Century Fox.

    The studio has four facilities. In May 2010, Rhythm & Hues' corporate headquarters were relocated from Culver City to El Segundo, California; previously, it had resided in Hollywood proper, and before that it was in West Los Angeles. The three additional facilities are international in scope; they enable the studio to run a 24-hour production cycle, and are owned by R&H. Two are located in India (one is in the Mumbai suburb of Malad, and the other is in Hyderabad?s HITEC City). The fourth facility is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



    Raymond Chen (2003 - 2012)
    Visual Effects Supervisor Co-visual Effects Supervisor Sequence Supervisor Lead Lighter
    Todd Shifflett (2006 - 2012)
    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Betsy Paterson (2008 - 2013)
    Visual Effects Supervisor Visual Effects Plate Supervisor
    Gavin Wright (2005 - 2006)
    Lighting Technical Director
    J. Todd Constantine (2005 - 2006)
    Animation Layout Matchmove Supervisor Matchmove Artist Matchmove Technical Director Matchmover
    Annis Naeem (2012)
    Concept Artist
    John Heller (2012)
    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Lindsay Hallett (2005)
    Visual Effects Production Manager
    Matt Shumway (2012)
    Animation Supervisor
    Oded Granot (2012)
    Compositing Technical Director
    Richard Malzahn (2012)
    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Robert Stromberg (2002)
    Planet Designer
    Shawn Walsh (2005)
    Popular Tasks: magpies cg fairies dwarves digital environments talking animals ravens bridge troll enchanted forest creatures digital doubles matte paintings


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