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    Plug Effects

    Founded Year: 2007
    PLUG is a company recently created by a team of independent visual effects supervisors and producers, bringing their experience dealing with various size projects and productions. Our focus is to provide you with competitive prices, the best artists and the most innovating technologies.

    We offer creative and seamless Visual solutions while maintaining the integrity of the story, the visual identity and protecting your budget.
    We will guide you and your team through the postproduction process from concept design, storyboarding, and previzualisation to the final cut.
    We aim to respond our client needs by offering the best solutions at the fairest costs.


    Laurens Ehrmann from Plug Effects talks about his work in X-Men: First Class
    June 30th, 2011
    The Art of VFX did an interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Laurens Ehrmann.