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    Founded Year: 2005
    With studios in Los Angeles and Detroit, With A Twist is a different kind of studio. David Burton and Pam Hammarlund have created a company where digital artists work together in spirited collaboration on projects for a variety of advertising and entertainment media.

    Now involved in Feature Film Visual Effects and Stereoscopic work, much of the company?s original work involved automotive products. The studio?s artists are experts in creating digital cars, trucks and SUVs that are so beautifully rendered and rich in detail they are impossible to distinguish from the real thing. With A Twist?s CG vehicles have appeared in television spots, print ads and catalogs for most of the major car companies. They have been integrated into complex visual effects sequences and used to create spectacular imagery that simply could not be achieved by practical means.

    The studio?s artists are not, however, limited to cars. They have used their talents to create many other types of photo-real CG elements and visual effects from tiny kernels of corn with a life of their own to a race of alien robots intent on taking over the Earth. When it comes to CG imagery, this group can do (and has done) just about everything.

    In the few years since its inception, With A Twist Studio has enjoyed tremendous success. It has worked with some of the best and most demanding clients in the advertising and feature industries on a series of high profile, creatively challenging projects. It has attacked each new assignment with the same passionate, team-oriented approach and the sole aim of delivering outstanding results.

    VFX, Visual Effects, Broadcast, CGI, Animation, Stereoscopic



    David Burton (2010 - 2012)
    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Popular Software: nuke Popular Tasks: cold-air breath postvis


    Oz: The Great and Powerful - Teaser Poster
    July 5th, 2012
    First look into the world of Oz, the new film by Sam Raimi.
    With A Twist Studio and The Thing
    November 1st, 2011
    Visual Effects Supervisor David Burton and Compositing Supervisor John Bowers talks about their work on The Thing.
    The Thing - Trailer
    July 14th, 2011
    Scientists pursue an alien life form at an Antarctica research station.