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    1. CGI Visual FX: Great Leaps Forward

      Published by Sunstar, 10-04-11 03:24 PM Categories: Community  Tags: avatar  james cameron  tron  king kong  pixar  star wars  spider-man 3  war of the worlds  superman returns  george lucas  harry potter  shrek  transformers  wall-e  star trek  tron: legacy  rango  mars needs moms  toy story 3  the polar express  final fantasy: the spirits within  jimmy neutron: boy genius  beowulf  the mummy  spider-man 2  spider-man  young sherlock holmes  the abyss  jurassic park  toy story  dragonheart  the matrix reloaded  titanic  finding nemo  the incredibles  who framed roger rabbit  clash of the titans  sunshine  the matrix revolutions  happy feet  the fellowship of the ring  hulk  sky captain and the world of tomorrow  the chronicles of narnia: the lion  the witch and the wardrobe  the matrix  starship troopers  fight club  the lord of the rings: the return of the king  the day after tomorrow  iron man  the curious case of benjamin button  the fifth element  pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest  harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2  total recall  godzilla  2010  a.i. artificial intelligence  alien  antz  babe  babylon 5  backdraft  basil: the great mouse detective  batman forever  beauty and the beast  captain power and the soldiers of fortune  caspar  cloverfield  death becomes her  die hard  doctor who  et - the extra terrestrial  flight of the navigator  forrest gump  futureworld  geri’s game  gladiator  hollow man  howard the duck  in the line of fire  indiana jones  indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull  indiana jones and the last crusade  insektors  judge dredd  jumanji  labyrinth  lawnmower man  looker  luxo jr  marvin the martian in the third dimension  mighty joe young  minority report  monsters versus aliens  o brother  pleasantville  quarxs  radioland murders  reboot  robocop 2  soylent green  spawn  star trek ii: the wrath of khan  star trek iv: the voyage home  star wars episode i: the phantom menace  star wars episode ii: the attack of the clones  star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith  star wars episode iv: a  terminator 2: judgment day  the adventures of andré and wally b  the black cauldron  the black hole  the crow  the flintstones  the last starfighter  the lord of the rings: the two towers  the perfect storm  the prince of egypt  the rescuers down under  tin toy  treasure planet  twister  waterworld  westworld  what dreams may come  where art thou?  where the wild things are  willow  alien movie  contact movie 
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